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eTwinning - Mystery Skype

DBH 4D students took part on a mystery skype last Tuesday. The aim of the activity was to find out the country, city and school of the European eTwinning partners.

Both teachers prepared a short list of rules which we presented to our classes  beforehand:

* No mother tongue in the background (this might help finding out about the country).


* Students Only asked questions that could be answered with yes or no.


* The student who asked should stand in front of the camera, afterwards he/she put question (in short) and answer on the board to avoid repetition.


* Only one question each time, then the other class asked while you debated the next question.


* Everybody followed the rules and the activity was really successful.


Do you want to know where our new friends come from?


OSNABRÜCK! It is a city in the federal state of Lower Saxony in north-west Germany. With a population of 168,145 Osnabrück is one of the largest cities in Lower Saxony.


Here you can see some of the pictures taken while the conference was happening.





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